Instructional Focus

We will continue to support our students in developing critical thinking skills through lessons that require analysis and synthesis, while developing student strategies that promote self-monitoring of their own progress

2018-2019 School Goals

  1. Rigorous Instruction: We will continue to support all of our students in the ability to identify important and relevant information with an emphasis on our Special Needs students as well as our English Language Learners, supporting each child’s growth throughout the school year.
  2. Supportive Environment: Students will create toolkits to use as resources while solving real world problems, offering innovative strategies, and supporting higher order thinking.
  3. Collaborative Teachers: Professional development will continue to focus on developing critical thinking skills to improve student outcomes while looking at students’ work together to ensure continuous growth.
  4. Effective School Leadership: Teachers and students will establish goals with a plan that supports how these goals will be met, supporting open communication and a growth mindset
  5. Strong Family and Community Ties: As we continue to develop and support the academic parent, we will invite parents into the school for monthly workshops, reviewing curriculum and correspond daily with electronic updates. We will take the time to build cultural awareness and how society has contributed to unconscious bias.