Science Overview


Greetings from the Science Room!  Here’s what’s up in each grade.

Kindergarten – We just finished a un it on our five senses.  We learned how to use our senses to observe everything around us.  Now we have been learning how to become scientist.  A big part of this unit is identifying problems and coming up with a plan on how to solve them.  Parents can reinforce their learning by identifying problems at home and working with your child to solve them.

Grade 1 – The unit we just finished was about solids and liquids.  We are now studying air and weather.  We learned about the properties of the different states of matter and now we are investigating what air can do and what we can do with air.  A reinforcement for this unit would be to watch the weather forecast with your child and discuss changes in weather 

Grade 2 – We had lots of fun learning about different types and sizes of rocks for our first unit.  Our second unit is balance and motion.  We investigated how to get different shapes to balance using clothespins or paperclips as counterweights.  Everyone made cardboard “Bellini’s” that we were able to take home.  Have your child show you how to get Bellini to balance on their fingers or pencil.

Grade 3 – Our first unit was measurement.  We learned how to use balance scales and thermometers.  Now we are studying the seven simple machines; levers, wheel and axles, gears, pulleys, wedges, screws, and inclined planes.  If you are walking around the neighborhood, see if you can spot any of them.  You can also look around the house to see how many you can find.

Grade 4 – We began the year studying magnetism and electricity.  We put together circuits and made electromagnets.  Our second unit is about water.  We have investigated the properties of water and how it changes from one state to another.  We will continue this unit learning about the water cycle and water quality.

Grade 5 – We stated our year learning how to conduct controlled experiments in our variables unit.  We used the scientific method and wrote reports to communicate our results.  The next unit is food and nutrition.  There will be investigations into fats, sugar, and acids in our food.  We’ll finish the investigation by creating healthy menus.  At home, you can read food labels with your child and talk about how to make healthy food choices.

After our February break, your child will receive a science fair packet.  All students in grades 3, 4, and 5 are expected to complete a science fair project at home.  There will be a parent workshop to help you help your child and a notice will be sent home with the date and time.

Thanks for your interest in the science program at PS 161! 


Mrs. Beaulieu

Science Cluster